3 Reasons Why Men Love Beautiful Plus-Size Women

Society and fashion, with implacable cruelty, increasingly demand that women be a size zero in order to be seen as valuable and beautiful, but the reality is different. British Magazine polled its readers aged 18 to 50 and found that they all prefer larger women. Men who like plus size women

Famous men like Pierce Brosnan, Robert De Niro, and Hugh Jackman are applauded and admired for their passing, defying clichés, mockery, and stereotyping as much as having wives in Hollywood, the home of botox and scalpels. For beautiful ladies who wear XL.

Nothing is written for a man’s taste, it is said until he is satisfied. Blonde, brunette or red hair, tall or short, thin or curvy are all the most popular female models and it depends on the taste, but which of them is more popular or more liked by men. According to scientific research, there are many men who like plus size women.

90% of people joke that they love fat women, and the remaining 10% keep this fact a secret. But as we know, there is some truth in every joke. If you look around, there are actually quite a lot of couples where the woman is more curvy. And not all skinny girls have a partner.

There are even clubs where men go to see the beauty of hot women. And even people with model wives go to these places. Well, taste and choice is only a personal question and a very questionable one.

But there is one question: is it better for overweight women to continue their struggle with the illusion that men’s success is only for thin women? Let’s find out once and for all whether excess weight is a sentence or a path to happiness.

Let’s take a look at the science behind why men prefer curvy women.

Curves are a pleasure:
According to a study conducted by graduates of a prestigious US university, this question has a clear answer, because the point of excitement in men is faster at the level of the brain, so they are weaker towards the curve.

Brain activity is so intense that it equates to “pleasure” in seeing a curvier body.

14 men with an average age of 25 participated in the researcher-led study. When the experts found evidence of activity in the brains of men similar to alcohol and drug use, they were shown pictures of a group of women with their hips marked. The same experts pointed out that it is not surprising that the evolution of this species is related to the fact that the male brain responds favorably to the sight of an attractive woman.

The scientific journal “Plus One” published the results of a very serious study that blew up social networks, explaining that stressed or stressed men prefer larger women.

The reason is evolutionary, because when resources are unpredictable or scarce, a thin female body becomes a sign of disease, reproductive incapacity, and vulnerability.

More attractive or larger women not only appeal to cultural reproduction, but the characteristic “extra” fat in areas such as thighs and buttocks contains omega 3, an acid that helps the mother during pregnancy. A study conducted by the University of Santa Barbara found that children are more intelligent.

Experts have also found that men, regardless of their weight, prefer women with wide hips. For primitive men, it was necessary to be a curvy woman at the time of intercourse, so that the woman was able to burn more calories, and because of the fat, which increased estrogen, fertility lasted longer.

Some anthropologists agree that men prefer larger women, explained by a complex theory about apes and their reproductive habits. In theory, when the monkeys started walking on two legs, their nipples signaled that the female was ready to mate.

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