3 slightly different fish recipes

For more ideas, our cult kitchen coach Kulta 316 browsed through the frozen and fresh program. Indigo Ceylon They cooked three dishes – which are also available in winter. As you know, prepare a little something in the summer, and soon forget about it in the winter, for the sea, which excites us most to run after this meat, is still far away. We have another challenge, the local fish markets, where on Fridays we’re used to buying something that floats in the water, locking them up like they’re on a conveyor belt, and so we’re left with nothing but refrigerators or freezers at major retailers. But the show isn’t so bad, it just needs to be watched. Learn about the wonderful and varied dishes we have selected for you.

fish bowl

Let us arm ourselves with fat bread. We can also serve it with pasta, especially the bucatini will be great. Or add the base soup and you get a wonderful soup.

fish pie

A simple and very tasty dish that seafood lovers will want to eat every day. Our winner among the new fish recipes.

Salmon in red beets on a refreshing salad

Fresh, crunchy, fish salad infused with the earthy heat of beetroot. An excellent and light dish that does not burden the stomach.

Photos: Sonia Ravbar

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