9 Things MEN Don’t Find Attractive WOMEN

After the grocery store cashier commented on my hair while we were talking, I became very concerned about my damaged hair. I was a little surprised that the person standing in front of me for 27 seconds recognized my hair texture so quickly just by looking at me.

I asked myself, “Do men notice that about women?” For a long time, I believed that men never care about changing their hairstyles or what clothes they wear that day, but I was wrong.

Here are some things that men notice that women find extremely unpleasant:

  1. Too much makeup

I’m talking about the ‘cake face’, which is just a look that screams too much. It’s best to keep your makeup natural and simple. Makeup is not meant to hide your face, it is meant to enhance your natural beauty.

  1. Modesty

Women who show a lot of skin are considered attractive. Your attire should convey respect and class, and the men in your life will want to know you as a person, not the person underneath the clothes.

  1. Dry skin

In the eyes of men, women are soft and vulnerable. The moment they touch scaly skin, that picture is ruined. It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to use a lotion that will keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

  1. Drama nails

This flashy and dramatic nail trend may be popular in the media, but men don’t like new trends. Having such nails looks high-maintenance; Choosing basic neutral colors is an easy way to keep the girly look, but not overdo it.

  1. Prophecy

Anyone can get angry with someone who complains all the time. Keep grief to a minimum; it will make you stand out from other women.

  1. Wrong position

Work hard on your position. When walking, try not to fall down or lean forward, walk gracefully and confidently. It will attract men’s attention.

  1. Too much perfume

Covering up your natural scent with perfume is an easy way to turn men off.

  1. Curses

Do not use foul language. Harsh language is something that no man likes to be around. A gentleman wants to be with a lady, but a lady doesn’t curse.

  1. Super trendy hair

Imagine: he leans in for a kiss, holds his head between his hands, and gets a handful of sticky gel instead. Let your gentleman run his hair in soft strands, not tight.

  1. Failure to meet hygiene requirements

This should be the rule for everyone alive. Take care of yourself. Apply deodorant and clean your ears in the shower. It is also believed that women should go the extra mile by shaving. I’m not saying it has to be 24/7, but the effort definitely shows.

  1. Chapped lips

Invest in Carmex or Blistex, you won’t regret it.

  1. Leather processing

Unless it’s natural light, men will say no. He keeps his distance when he sees a woman who looks more like an Oompa Loompa.

  1. Teenage Spirit

You’re not in high school yet. It’s time to be aware of your actions and decisions. No man wants to go out with a woman and make her feel like she’s babysitting all the time.

  1. Fake

Men can tell when you’re stretching the truth. He will soon realize that you don’t like his favorite team. Being honest and approachable is the best option.

  1. Ignorance

Men love a challenge, so what’s the point of playing dumb? An intelligent and educated conversation will make him crazy for you.

  1. Bad behavior

Good manners are important if you want to show yourself to others without embarrassing them. Remembering these simple ways to show off your feminine side will make your date feel like she’s dating a princess.

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