A spaghetti trick you need to learn from an Italian niece

The Chinese created pasta for the first time in history, but we must admit that it was the Italians who made a real art of it. Then the love for pasta spread throughout the world, and in our country it became one of the most popular dishes. The variety of forms and neutrality of taste help us to indulge in it several times a week and in all possible ways, without getting tired of it. Of course, when preparing them, it is important to follow the advice that comes from our neighbors.


Preparing pasta is simple, but it can be made even better by following a few cooking rules. But today’s tip is more for fun than improving the taste of your lunch. There’s a charming video of an Italian nun circulating on the ticket, and she advises you how to open a box of pasta in the most “Italian” way. That is, Ms. Elda has an open profile on the said social network, where she shares very entertaining and sympathetic videos with her followers. Above you can see how he opens a package of spaghetti without using scissors or a knife.

Fun, isn’t it? Despite the frequent cooking of pasta, we did not think of anything like that, but it is quite practical. Nona Elda opens the package by pressing the counter with spaghetti. You’d think pasta would break that way, but that’s clearly not the case. From now on, we can forget about scissors, but we also hope to have at least half the fun that our grandmother had.

We bet the video inspired you to just eat pasta for your next meal. Here are some ideas on how to prepare it to make you as happy as possible over lunch. From classics with bolognese sauce to slightly more exotic combinations. The choice is yours, and we can only wish you a good trip, and of course a happy weekend!

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