Bean soup with grated porridge for cold winter days

Velvet soup satisfies you well and nourishes you emotionally at the same time.

If memories had their time of year, it would definitely be winter; Reminiscent of childhood and evokes shelter at home. It occurred to me this morning that I noticed winter in the garden. Cool breeze, bleached tops of the night, damp and cold, that smell, the smell of winter, the fireplace, the biscuits. Although I don’t really like winter, I kind of do, but I know why. I notice that the same thing happens to me with other things and even with people. If you are in the world long enough, life will frustrate you.

Romantic winter. I roll my eyes to the early adornments and adornments, as we’re in a hurry, and I have thought several times about the little lights somewhere in the box. Winter is full of expectations and longing for something. Winter is a warm cozy sweater, soft scarf, quilted shoes, blanket and a fire in the fireplace.

Beans in many winter dishes

Winter is also nostalgic. If memories had their time of year, it would definitely be winter. It reminds us of childhood, what I once believed in, evokes the family shelter in the home. Tradition becomes inspiration. I’m already browsing through old recipes, notebooks with sticky covers and fallen leaves. Grandma’s cakes are proven to be the best, and my mom’s walnut cake is something without which I don’t have a winter vacation. Other recipes from the great sense of security when someone cooks your favorite dishes for you also shine through from a young age.

I hope to snuggle up between a chair and a kitchen table one day during the winter holidays and wait until the plate is full. I have in mind the taste of mate and sauerkraut. As a child, I thought for a while that Mativo was related to Matifo, which seemed strange to me, since there was no one in our family with that name, and I also did not ask. Winter loves secrets. Mativo is an ancient Slovenian dish made with boiled beans and half-pressed potatoes. No problem, this is a vegetarian dish if the recipe is omitted. The name is really unusual, presumably in connection with the feeling you get when you celebrate the day before with an oversized glass. Supposedly it was once said that you had a mate, just as we say today that you have a cat. Overcooked beans and potatoes are always served with sauerkraut or sauerkraut, which makes sense to eat them on days like these (cat or sauerkraut).

I have nostalgic memories of another dish in childhood. Interestingly enough, these are beans as well. It is a thick, creamy bean soup in which grated porridge is cooked. I’ve been calling this ant soup since I was a kid. I do not know why. For me, soup is the perfect comfort food, a dish that satisfies you well and nourishes you emotionally at the same time. Usually, the feeling is associated with beautiful childhood memories, a full table and a mother wiping her hands in an apron.

Grated porridge is also more than in previous times, when soup was compulsorily cooked on Sundays. The dough should be very stiff and spread the porridge on a kitchen napkin so that it dries a little. For bean soup, you can make it without eggs, with soy milk, a little oil and salt, and a little turmeric for color.

Winter is warm when we make it like this.

Bean soup and grated porridge

the ingredients

  • 100 grams of dried beans
  • bay leaves
  • Onions
  • garlic
  • 2 carrots
  • green piece
  • parsley
  • Salt and Pepper
  • soup spices
  • oil
  • grated porridge


1. Soak the beans overnight and cook them in bay leaf. In a large skillet, fry onions in hot oil first, then add garlic, sliced ​​carrots, celery, parsley or cabbage, and parsnips. Fry vegetables, salt, add spices and pour water. There should not be a lot of water.

2. Mix the cooked vegetables and beans with the liquid in which they were cooked in a blender. Make sure to remove the bay leaf first!

3. Cook the grated porridge separately. Add the soup spices and salt.

4. Mix porridge and bean broth and leave on the stove for some time before serving. The soup should be thick and velvety, so use less liquid when cooking. In the end, you can still thin it out if you find it too thick.

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Photo: Hana Special

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