Best tip on how to keep pasta warm

Imagine a scenario. You’re preparing a great lunch, today the menu includes Bolognese-style pasta. Chop the onions and parsley, fry the meat and add the tomatoes. I have already boiled water and cooked pasta in it. on age. Strain it, then find that the sauce needs more time to turn into the delicious dish you want.

Extract or configure the question. What are we going to do with the fettuccine noodles now? We don’t want to leave them in trouble because they will stick together. It may also dry out if they wait for the sauce too long. Nobody wants a huge mass of starch on a plate that is still cold after all. But fortunately, we can change the end of such a scenario. With the trick below.

Homemade Russian Buffet

First cook the pasta as usual and drain it, then place another one on the pot in which it was cooked. Shake the drained spaghetti on top, pour a few drops of olive oil and stir. Then cover the bowl with a lid to prevent moisture from seeping out. The pasta in this way can wait a few dozen minutes because it will stay warm and at the same time prevent the fat on it from drying out. In this way we achieve a kind of Russian buffet effect. If we want the pasta to wait for us for a long time, then we pour 1 to 2 deciliters of water into the lower pot and set the stove to the minimum heat.

If you want to cook the pasta in advance, you can also reheat it later. Once cooked, transfer to a plastic bag. Also in this case, cover it with oil or add a piece of butter to the bag. It is necessary to cover them with fat, as this will prevent drying out. Then put them together in the refrigerator, where the pasta can wait up to 12 hours. When the sauce is ready, mix it inside and heat everything together in a frying pan or saucepan.

It is very important that the pasta is always cooked to the teeth, this is the only way not to boil it and it will be technical even when heated. Otherwise, it will crumble on the dish, have a mushy structure, and generally look tasteless.

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