Bologna pasta: eaten everywhere, but not in Italy

Besides pizza and lasagna, spaghetti bologna is probably the most popular dish the world has adopted from Italians. But it doesn’t really exist in Italy at all.

“Day after day in Venice – and I’m sure it’s the same anywhere else in Italy – I see the same scene. A tourist in a restaurant sits at a table craving bologna pasta. Then comes the shock when the waiter tells him they don’t. Cooking blogger Monica Cesarato For news portal The Local, he briefly summarized the story of a famous Italian dish not found in Italy.

Spaghetti does not “tolerate” this sauce

As I explained, Raggi Alla Bolognese Or a bolognese sauce that belongs only to broad noodles (tagliatelle, pappardelle or fettuccine), but is never served with spaghetti – except for restaurants that “catch” tourists. The pasta is too thin to hold enough of this thick sauce while eating it. If you want an authentic Bologna experience, you should order it Ragliatile Raju Bolognese.

The right choice is wide and flat pasta, which sticks to the sauce better.

The right choice is wide and flat pasta, which sticks to the sauce better.
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Bologna sauce was recently at the center of a culinary “scandal” when the New York Times published a recipe for “white bolognese sauce” that contained no tomatoes. This completely pissed off the Italians, who are so protective of their culinary heritage. “This sauce may be good, but it is definitely not bolognese,” one reader said.

The Italian Culinary Academy defended the recipe for real bolognese sauce or bolognese sauce in 1982 at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. Here’s how:



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300 grams of minced beef from the lower abdomen (the so-called skirt)

150g dried bacon

50g carrots

50 grams of celery stalks

50 grams of onions

5 tablespoons mashed tomatoes

1 cup full fat milk

½ cup white or red wine (dry, not sparkling)

Salt and Pepper


Fry the bacon cubes in a pan to get the fat out, then add the finely chopped vegetables and let it simmer. Then add the minced meat and stir constantly during grilling. When the meat is fried, add the wine and tomatoes, and if there is not enough liquid, add a little more to the soup base. Cook over medium heat for 2 hours, during this time gradually add milk and season with salt and pepper.

Note: Optional, but recommended at the end Covering dish one liter of latte entero. what does that mean? 1 liter whole milk reduced to half the original volume by cooking. But as the saying goes: the Italians allow you to omit this part.


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