Bone broth improves our lives

Bone soup sounds pretty awful, but there are a lot of good things behind this name. Bone broth is something of a superfood and a home remedy. In Slovenia, it is also known by other names, but it is still exactly the same soup as the name suggests. Bone broth or bone broth. It has been a success in our area for a long time, but has not gained popularity anywhere else in recent decades. What exactly is bone broth, how is it prepared and why does it improve our health?

What is bone broth?

Bone soup and bone broth in English and broth in French. Beef, pork, chicken and fish soups are among the most popular versions. Most often, bone broth is used as the basis for cooking “župc” and the sauces listed above. Sometimes it’s substituted for a soup base (beef cubes and the like), but it doesn’t bring all that bone broth has to offer. Our grandmothers, nieces, nephews, and mothers gave it to us when we were sick and for some reason. All the nutrients that are secreted from the bones have a positive effect on our health. Bone soup is not only a soup, an addition to soup, but also a home remedy.

What is bone broth made of?

In recent years, it has also expanded significantly into highly rated cuisine. However, the best and tastiest bone broth on the Sunday plate. As the name suggests, the main ingredient in bone broth is bones. To this we add vegetables (carrots, parsley, leeks, ..) and spices. Almost everyone who prepares them has a different process and different ways to prepare them. They also vary in ingredients and quantity, and each chef also has their own ace, of which bone broth is best. The main advantage of bone broth is slow cooking. Nothing good will come of it if you hurry to prepare. Only then will we get the best results.

Bone broth health benefits

That’s why we are here, the effect of bone broth on our health or how we can improve it with its help. Due to its ingredients and method of preparation, bone broth is a real golden cave of nutrients and beneficial effects. This was already known to our ancestors and this was also confirmed by numerous studies on bone broth.

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Affects and improves digestion
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Increases and improves appetite
  • reduces inflammation
  • Reduces joint, muscle and bone pain
  • Rejuvenates skin, hair and nails
Bone broth from beef, chicken, pork, or fish bones

Bone broth from beef, chicken, pork, or fish bones

With bone broth to strengthen the immune system

The small intestine is a very important part of our body because it pulls out all the nutrients we have taken in. At the same time, it is also the first front of the immune system. If it gets damaged or ‘started’, we can get sick fairly quickly. Bone broth rich in amino acids will improve this condition and strengthen the wall of the small intestine. It also contains electrolytes, fats, collagen and minerals, and accelerates the action of antioxidants. The fact that the soup helps cure the disease did not float in the sour parish. Came with the help of bone broth.

Good sleep with the help of bone broth

As mentioned, bone broth contains a lot of amino acids. One such element is also glycine, which is involved in the production of serotonin. However, MR serotonin is a major factor in sleep quality and calmness. With the help of glycine or bone broth, we will relax, calm anxiety and improve our sleep. When we sleep, we feel that we can fall asleep faster, wake up less and stay in a deep sleep for longer.

Bone broth and digestion

Because bone broth contains so many nutrients, it also helps improve digestion. Gelatin and collagen are the two main substances involved in this process. The gelatin will take care of the better absorption and binding of water to facilitate the movement of food through the digestive system. Collagen, on the other hand, will make the intestines impermeable and indestructible because it will heal and repair the cells of the intestinal wall. In combination with amino acids, digestion will be improved and our body will be grateful to us for eating bone broth.

The toxins will be removed from the liver

The amino acid glycine in bone broth will provide support for the liver to process all the toxic substances more easily. This is why bone broth is recommended after party nights and sick days when our body is in the worst condition. The liver then does the lion’s share of the detoxification and bone broth can help them with that. Of course, we help ourselves with this.

We’ll have more appetite

Salts of nucleic acids and glutamic acids improve or increase appetite. They will trigger a process in the brain that makes us want more. Of course, bone broth, to which its own spices are added, will actually stimulate the desire to drink water and food. No wonder Sunday lunches are so plentiful.

With bone broth to reduce inflammation

The bone marrow that will be part of the soup will be rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These will help us in cases of inflammation, especially chronic infections such as arthritis and rheumatism. To make bone broth anti-inflammatory and reduce inflammatory processes, it is necessary to use the bones of grazing animals. However, if they are grazed in the open air and fed ordinary hay, the chance of receiving omega-3 acids is slightly higher.

Less joint and muscle pain

Glycine will be in the field again, this time joined by the amino acid proline. The first is required for the formation of creatine, which is known to ensure muscle function. The second, proline, will work with it to reduce inflammation and promote muscle and tissue growth. However, when chondroitin and glucosamine enter our body due to bone broth, joint pain will also be reduced. Bone broth is supposed to be an excellent remedy for arthritis, successfully replacing all the substances that the body lacks in such cases. It will also help the bones to keep them strong and healthy. Our bones need a lot of minerals like calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. Of course, bone broth contains it as well, thus helping the elderly in particular.

It will rejuvenate us

Bone broth will rejuvenate with the intake of collagen and its stimulants in our bodies. It will keep him young, energized and healthy. Stops the formation of cellulite, acne, eczema and dry skin. Even in this way, bone broth will help us live, because it hides more than the name suggests.

A great bone broth that has been cooked for centuries

A great bone broth that has been cooked for centuries

Bone broth has become a premium product

If decades ago it was only considered an addition to soup, now it is legendary. At the time, it was only used in some areas, but now it is expanding to include the finest cuisine. It is cooked and advertised by famous people who are only now discovering its good properties. Many people still look at bone broth from above and don’t care much about it, since it’s only the base Main soup. The things we eat when we eat them are worth their weight in gold. For the most delicious and best bone broth, ask your grandmother, mother, or neighbor – the one who prepares it best. If she doesn’t reveal all of her bone broth secrets to you, finish it yourself. Make your own bone broth and improve your life. Simply.

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