Cooking a lot of pasta? Use them in a new dish

1.4.2022 | 14:15

You can use pasta to make stand-alone dishes, stews, salads, and desserts.  Cooked pasta.  (dream time)

You can use pasta to make stand-alone dishes, stews, salads, and desserts. Cooked pasta. (dream time)

Have you ever found yourself cooking a lot of pasta for lunch? Where are the remains? Here are some great ideas to spice up your daily menu and make leftovers go for honey.

Sometimes it is difficult to plan how much pasta will be eaten at a meal, so they often stay, and we do not want to get rid of them in any way. But if you use it today to make your favorite “noodles”, you can add it to the soup tomorrow, and you can also make dessert from it.

Always something new

You can use pasta in countless ways, and if you served it with meat sauce yesterday, you can prepare the vegetables today thus changing the recipe completely. They also go well with dried fruits. Sprinkled with sugar or ground nuts, they quickly replace the need for dessert. Cold foods can also be mixed with any vegetables and additives and made into a salad, or they can be baked in the oven to make a delicious gratin. We’ve quickly put together some simple ideas on how to consume leftover cooked pasta, but of course you can experiment to the point of helplessness.

Why do we cook pasta “to the teeth” or “al dente”?

Italians love “pasta” or “al dente”, which when bitten is still half raw for many. But this preparation allows us to cook pasta to the end only when we mix it with the sauce or bake it in the oven. Among other things, the sauce will make sure that the pasta does not stick together during baking. If we prepare it with the sauce in a pan, we will make sure that the sauce is hidden between the rolls and the “ribs” by mixing, thus ensuring a better taste of the pasta. Of course, the final taste will always be served by grated cheese, which is served with a meal or pasta bread.

Noodle soup

With this recipe, we will be recycling up to two dishes at the same time. Leftover soup from the day before and pasta. Noodles can be added to any soup to which we have not added stew, because in this way we prepare a hearty dish or stew. If you have beef soup left over from the day before, fry some vegetables in the oil quickly, add them to the boiled soup again and add the noodles. This will create a delicious vegetable soup that can be served as a stand-alone dish or as a hearty snack.

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