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Dangers caused by whitening toothpaste – get to know them

Some use whitening toothpaste to get good-looking white teeth, but doctors warn against using these types of toothpastes.

Doctors have warned of the harms of using some types of toothpaste, which producers offer as intended for teeth whitening, according to Russia Today.

Dr. Anna Charanda and dental surgeon Maxim Kopylov of the PerfectSmile Center for Cosmetic Dentistry point out that some types of toothpaste that manufacturers claim to be useful for whitening teeth actually do not have this effect, in addition to damaging the tooth enamel.

According to Dr. Charanda, the pigment responsible for the color of the teeth is not located on their surface, but rather within the crystalline network of the teeth.

She says the most that these pastes can offer is to whiten the enamel in a slight way, with the effect of active oxygen and the removal of calcareous deposits accumulated on the teeth, meaning that they do not give a bright result.

Dr. Kopelov agrees with her on this issue, but believes that this slight effect is due to the aggressive composition of these pastes, which helps remove scale and stains.

He says that people who overuse these pastes may suffer from increased sensitivity of the teeth, pain and erosion of the enamel, so it is recommended to use them from time to time.

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