Do you pour the water in which you cook pasta down the drain? NIKAR, that’s why 🤯 – JUST FOR YOU

Spaghetti with meat sauce, fettuccine with ricotta and spinach, spaghetti with eggs and bacon, tuna or spaghetti with arrabiata sauce … you can eat it every day. They are easy to prepare, quick to prepare, and can be prepared in many different ways.

However, we all make a typical mistake when cooking pasta – after cooking, the water in which the pasta was cooked is simply poured down the drain.

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Pasta, like potatoes, is a starchy food. During cooking, the starch is released into the water and thus the water becomes turbid.

As this chef calls this water »liquid gold“Water is more beneficial than you probably thought.”

When you cook pastaIt is also very likely that you plan to make a sauce or pesto, for example. And for that, pasta water would be great!

when adding water Any hot fat – olive oil, butter … – A great, smooth, creamy sauce that soaks well in pasta. This turbid liquid acts as a natural thickener. In addition, you can enhance the flavor of your dishes with pasta water.

So, the next time you pour water that has been cooked pasta right down the drain, reserve at least a portion of it for further cooking and preparing healthier, more delicious dishes. Simply scoop some water with a ladle before draining the pasta.

How can you use the water:

The water is also said to be good for making bread – because it’s supposed to help with rising. Replace the water you were going to use in the recipe for the pasta water. First, just make sure you don’t overcook it.

If you don’t cook pasta often, you can also freeze some water. Only in the ice model, for example.

Can hot water damage the drain hose?

Depending on what material the tubes are made of. In principle, you should not worry that even hot water will damage the drain pipe. Of course, it is always better to be sure of what kind of material the pipes are made of and how high temperatures they can withstand.


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