Every Woman Should Know These 12 Tricks With Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub is a popular remedy that many people use for coughs, colds, and other health problems, and it’s actually a versatile product that can be used in many ways.

We recommend twelve of these applications that will make your everyday life easier.

Clean air

If you want to purify the air in your room, add a little of this oil to your room humidifier.

Soften your heels

Apply a thin layer of this on your heels and wear socks until the next morning. After doing this, wash your feet and remove dead skin cells with a pumice stone. This should be repeated every day.

Treat headaches

If you want to treat your headaches, always apply this product to your forehead and neck.

Preventing pet accidents

Place it lightly in the common areas of the pet business, and the smell will prevent such accidents.

Insect repellent

Commercial insect repellents are full of chemicals, so use this product instead to keep mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs at bay.

Treatment of toenail fungus

Apply a small amount to your nails every day before going to bed and trim your nails in the morning.

Reduce belly fat

First of all, crush the camphor tablet, then mix it with a little alcohol and sodium bicarbonate and mix it until smooth and apply it on your stomach. Take a plastic bandage, wrap it around the abdomen and work at night.

Prevention of infection and inflammation

Wounds and cuts often get infected, so apply a small amount of this oil to clean them and help them heal.

Keep your cat’s furniture

Cats love comfortable furniture, and that kind of love can sometimes come at the price of a couch. Leave it near your cat’s favorite scratching spot and you’ll have the problem completely solved.

Relieves muscle and back pain

It relieves muscle and back pain and all you have to do is rub a little on the affected area and you will see the results very soon.

Remove the exclamation mark

Apply a small amount of this product to the affected area and you will see noticeable results in less than two weeks.

Treat the bruise

Apply it on your bruises and you will get rid of them in no time.

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