Here are 3 mistakes you make sure to make when baking pizza (+ prize game) – just for you

#1 audition

If you prepare the dough yourself, do not ignore the fact that the kneaded dough should rest for several hours. In professional pizzerias, it is usually prepared the day before or early in the morning, and then slowly rises in the refrigerator.

And don’t treat the pizza dough, when it’s time to roll it out and prepare the filling, with the dough pin. He prefers to do it with his hands. If the dough is still not elastic and elastic enough, it should be allowed to rest for some time at room temperature.

#2 padding

Do not put ready-made and purchased tomato sauce on the dough. Prefer to do it herself. All you need is tomato juice, which you can salt if you like, add a little basil or oregano and spread the dough with the sauce prepared in this way.

Do not overuse the filling ingredients. If you are going to cover the dough with prosciutto, be careful not to add other ingredients that are too salty, otherwise the result will be a salty pizza.

#3 Preheated oven

For pizza, it is true that no home oven can be hot enough. This thesis will be refuted by the new built-in oven Gorenje OptiBake, which provides an environment for baking delicious pizza.

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