It is a pizzeria among the 50 best restaurants in Europe and the best in Slovenia

If you haven’t tasted real Neapolitan pizza with a fluffy edge, Pizza Veras with Pizza Fabi Karuswho was trained by one of the best pizza bakers in Italy Giovanni Santarbea, the correct address for that. The guide: For the second year in a row, Verace has been ranked among the 50 best restaurants in Europe in the Top 50 Pizza Guide. The latter is considered the Michelin Guide to Pizza. Ferras finished 31st this year, up four places from last year. It also won the award for the best pizzeria in Slovenia 2022.

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Residents note, among other things, that Ferras, led by pizza baker Fabio Caruso, makes authentic Napoleon’s pizza, that the dough is high and soft, and the ingredients are of excellent quality. They were also convinced of the intimate family atmosphere of the pizzeria. Among the offerings were Ortolana, crudo, fried pizza, which, they wrote, is difficult to find outside of Naples, and among the desserts were the house of tiramisu.

How do we know the real Neapolitan pizza?

  • The dough should not be crunchy and fluffy.
  • When it is cut, it should have a bulging edge in which many air bubbles have been trapped. You can perform a simple quality test: if you press the edge of the pizza with your finger, it should return to its original state. You can see this in our video above.
  • Excellent dough requires a long-term rise, up to 72 hours: during this time, the yeast does all its work so that the bread does not get stuck in our stomachs. Also, this pizza should be folded twice – if it breaks, it means that it was improperly toasted or baked.
  • Mozzarella is the only cheese that deserves a place in this test, and Parmesan can be added as a seasoning. The base is also peeled tomatoes, in feras it is an authentic dream of marzano, olive oil and basil.

Who are the best

Peppe pizza in Paris, Fratelli Figurato in Madrid and 50 Kalo in London were in the top three 50toppizza in Europe. In the rating of the 50 best pizzerias in Europe, there are no pizzerias in Italy, because the latter organizes a separate group at 50topizza. The top 25 pizzerias from the list of the 50 best pizzerias in Europe also entered the competition for the 100 best pizzerias in the world.

Another pizzeria in Ljubljana, Pop’s Pizza, was on the list, coming in at number 43.

Photos: Sonia Ravbar

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Photos and video: Sonia Ravbar

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