Kristina Flick: štrukeljčki chives in soup

Kristina Flick is an instructor at the Naklo Biotechnology Center, where she teaches professional food subjects. A while ago, we asked her about one of her most famous recipes. She prepared us excellent chives štrukeljke in soups, and on the way to spoon dishes, she also said that they “warm us on cold winter days. They are also delicious in hot summer, and should not be lost on the plate even in autumn, when vegetables are in abundance, or In the spring, when homemade stews are especially suitable for us. So: Dishes on a spoon are suitable all year round.” Drobnjak štrukeljčki in stew is a popular dish in the Poljanska Valley, ire and surrounding areas. In late spring and summer, when the gardens are filled with chives, In many parts of Gorengska, many homes smell of the kind of soup that has proven to be really cool and easy!

Of the ingredients, knead the pulled dough. Make sure you knead it well – it should become elastic. Put it in a bowl, cover it with a lid so it doesn’t dry out, and let it rest at room temperature.
Now prepare the filling by melting the butter and cooling it slightly, adding the beaten eggs and a pinch of salt.
Roll out the dough or roll it out well on a lightly floured surface.
Spread with filling, sprinkle with chives, which have been cut into about ½ inch, evenly distribute breadcrumbs and roll.
We cut the dumplings into dumplings 2 cm wide and cook them in salted water for 20 minutes (one liter is enough).
The filling will go into the soup as it cooks and give it flavor.
“If we want, we add a teaspoon of chopped, home-mixed veggies to the pot,” the chef advises this week.

For 4 people:
150 grams flour
1 egg
80 ml of water
50 grams melted butter
1 egg
10gm of fresh chives
40 grams of breadcrumbs


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