Recipe: How to make a good cream of soup

If Saturday is a long-awaited holiday, I suggest you don’t spend it in the kitchen with the intention of cooking all those interesting recipes a week back. I’m convinced there is still plenty of fun to make up for. So I prepared again one of the basic recipes, with which there is not much work. Also, the good thing is that there are no piles of dishes left after lunch. Less organization, more free time. The secret recipe is cream soup.

You can really mix anything, but the soup doesn’t have to be tasty, so here are some basic tips. Choose the main component and let it prevail. For example, if the soup is mushrooms, then it should taste like mushrooms and not potatoes or flour. If there are a lot of potatoes, the soup can become sticky. In the fall, super pumpkin soup is very popular. Creams become without additives, they need a little real spice, hot pepper, pepper and coriander. Among the cream soups in the cold season are also leeks. The leeks are soft, so we need them a little more so that the soup will dominate the taste. It goes well with carrots, turnip leaves and most of all with sweet and regular potatoes. Coconut adds something to cream soup that changes it in a fun way. The spices should be French, thyme, sage, parsley, fennel, rosemary … what is fresh in the garden. If you have dry spices, choose a Provencal mixture. Not a pinch, but one teaspoon. There should be more fresh herbs, all for a good spoonful. And the best thing: everything is cooked in one pot, in which you also mix the soup.

If in the end it seems that the soup has lost something, it can still be fixed, even when it is already on the plates. For a color solution, add a pinch of red pepper on top and sprinkle with chives or thicker spiralized cream. The taste is sometimes preserved with a few drops of lemon juice or a mixture of dry spices. Very decorative and tasty are the soft white or blue flowers of thyme.

On a rainy autumn day, cream soup should definitely be remembered to leave more days for a good book and other things we do in a comfortable armchair.


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