Recipe: Tržiška flika – Slovenske’s Beginner

In Trži, leftover bread dough was used to make clicks or slices, as the locals called them. This is a market version of sourdough, a round cake made of sourdough dough with its spread, which was baked in northeastern Slovenia during big business and holidays.

In Trži, they were prepared from leftover dough and were originally a fasting dish, he writes Victor Kragel In his book Historical Parts of the Diocese of Trži from 1936, the authors of Old Trži Dishes, New Tastes write about a dish still remembered by Trži seniors. The book was written five years ago under the auspices of the Trži Culinary Heritage Study Group. Give us the recipe Damjan Steffiwho with his wife mojko It is run by Karavla Inn in Podljubelj 297.


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