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Say goodbye to yellowing of the teeth – 4 products that keep you away from the whitening sessions

Yellowing of the teeth is one of the annoying problems, due to the embarrassment that a person feels when talking to others and smiling at them, but by using a number of products, expensive whitening sessions can be dispensed with.

Here are our top picks for tooth yellowing products:

Crest 3D White chips
These strips help you remove tooth stains and get rid of yellowing permanently, which contributes to obtaining a white, professional-grade smile, provided that they are used once a day for 30 minutes.

It also features an advanced anti-slip seal technology that keeps it in place while talking and sipping drinks, as well as being easy to install and remove.
Electric dental flosser

  • Provides a deep cleaning of the teeth.

Helps massage gums.

  • Maintains mouth odor.

Equipped with five cleaning modes and six replaceable nozzles, to meet the daily oral cleaning needs of the whole family.

It has five settings to adjust the water pressure, making cleaning between teeth and along the gum line effective and gentle.

The nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees, ensuring a full mouth clean.

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