The famous chef changed the recipe of pizza and angered the Italians

Once again, it turns out that Italians get very annoyed if someone changes their traditional recipes.

Italian star chef Carlo Krakow In mid-February, he moved his Milan restaurant to a new address, the famous Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, and added a novelty to his menu: his interpretation of the most famous Neapolitan pizzeria. However, the modified recipe for Pizza Margherita greatly infuriated his countrymen.

Crunchy dough and oregano instead of basil

Krakow offers guests a Margherita pizza with dough in which the seeds and cereal flakes are kneaded to make it crunchy, the tomato sauce is thicker than the traditional one, and mozzarella cheese is added to the pizza after baking so it is fresh and not melted. Finally, they sprinkled the pizza with oregano, which is not in the original recipe – the “real” margherita is garnished with fresh basil.

With the news of the invention of a chef in Milan, it ended up on social media. The offended Neapolitans, as well as the rest of the Italians, moved forward, Milan newspaper Il Giorno reported. “Then you wonder why they took his star,” one online commentator wrote, criticizing the fact that Cracco’s has been downgraded from two to two stars in the latest Michelin guide. “Because of this pizza, we should take not only his stars, but his oven as well.”

The salty price of Cracco pizza also added fuel to the fire – he paid 16 euros for it, while the prices for margaritas in the most famous Neapolitan pizzerias do not exceed ten euros, and in most of them they were much lower. Thus, the chef at Corriere della Sera advised to “go down to the street level of Naples, not as a star chef, but as the local pizza bakers who bake pizza for only €2”.

The famous picopek from Naples has a different opinion

Neapolitan pizza

Neapolitan pizza
Photo: Anna Kovac

The famous Neapolitan Bikobek has a completely different opinion Gino Sorbillo, who invited a culinary fellow at the Florence newspaper La Nazione. “I love the honest and simple philosophy of his dish,” Sorbillo said. “His pizza shows his vision, for which he is also famous.” “Above all, it was not written anywhere on the menu that it was Neapolitan pizza.”

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“Carlo always uses the highest quality ingredients,” said Sorbillo, criticizing his fellow citizens: “We Neapolitans should be more perplexed when we see ‘real Neapolitan pizza’ made with low quality ingredients. It’s envy. Instead of focusing on our work, many of them don’t They only care about criticizing others.”


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