The secret ingredient for creamy soups and sauces without dairy

As it turns out, the days of winter are finally behind us with a warm spring. The change in weather, of course, is evident in the mood, as well as in the kitchen. The markets are already reeling under the weight of the spring crops, so our pot dishes will be even more colorful. Bold stews will be slowly replaced by creamy, slightly lighter soups.

The latter is excellent and very diverse. It can be prepared from a few ingredients, usually from the vegetables we have on hand. In our editorial office, we like to prepare it by roasting the vegetables first in the oven until they are caramelized, which creates a richer and deeper taste for soups. You can read more about it here, and today we write about a mysterious ingredient that can replace cream, milk and other dairy products in a creamy soup.

An ingredient derived from oriental cuisine

To thicken soups and sauces, you can use a spoonful of flour, cornstarch or potato tuber, but we found another option that is the most interesting and delicious of all. Ordinary vegetable soup can be turned into a real creamy hair in one go by adding a spoonful of sesame paste and tahini.

Those who eat, or are at least interested in vegetarianism, likely know that seeds and nuts in meals can replace dairy products. Tahini paste is made from sesame seeds, the latter will provide a creamy effect in soups and sauces. This product is an essential ingredient for oriental as well as Mediterranean cuisine. You can make it yourself, it is also available in all best stocked stores and online.

So when you want a light, creamy soup, add a tablespoon or two of tahini paste to the pot. Mix well and you will notice the difference very quickly. The solution is great for days when you’re running out of dairy in the fridge, for those with table allergies, or if the weight of the cream just doesn’t work for you. Try it!

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