The top finalists for Season 8 are Luka Novak and Iveta Antoncic

While preparing one of the toughest dishes, the most requested MasterChef cherry dish, Maša Cimermančič showed off her best, but there was a shift in taste and evaluation. Luka Novak and Evita Antonči secured places in the Grand Final, and one of them will become the new chef of Slovenia tomorrow.

Three semi-finalists, three friends

Luca Novak He felt ants as he entered the MasterChef’s kitchen. Evita Antonjic She said she was happy when she reached the semi-finals: “But if I found out today that I was going to the finals, I would be in a daze.” also Maša Cimermančič She was on the verge of achieving her dreams: “At this point, I really don’t want to leave the competition and I think I really deserve to make it to the finals.” The judges welcomed them and reminded them of their uniforms embroidered with their names in gold letters. Ben Vulcic: “But only two will have the honor at the end of the evening to wear their chef’s uniform and cook for the finals.”

Masterchef costumePhoto: POP TV

Evita was emotional because she never imagined she would get this far. Her desire to cook in the finals was really great. For Luca, the uniform looked something special: “That would suit me.” Masha added that even a couple of months ago she did not imagine that she would fight for a place in the finals: “Can I really wear that uniform today? I think I’ll keep sleeping with her.”

A recipe with more than a hundred steps

The semi-finalists then learned that they were separated by one more cooking until the Grand Final, which would take three and a half hours. Harbor: “I knew something very difficult was waiting for us.” between: “You have a job that only the finalists have been able to do so far.” Luka Jezercic: “We chose the challenge that has gone down in MasterChef’s history as one of the toughest. This grueling climb to the finals has cooked up generous.” It was, of course, a dessert, the infamous MasterChef cherry. Luca marveled at her elegant appearance: “I thought it was painted, it’s plastic… I hope I can prove with candy today that I deserve to finish.” However, he was of the opinion that next to Masha and Evita he was the weakest link.

Fattan beautyPhoto: POP TV

The cherry recipe has more than a hundred steps. Contestants had to prepare a biscuit, crunchy chocolate, a fruit rag, an airy and fluffy fruit mousse or. Foaming, the cherries should be surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate and then dipped in a glossy wrapper. Ben said the finalist of the fourth season, Sinisa Vasiljev in Jacka MankoAt this point, they can no longer stand on their feet. The last act, however, was to demand the tempering of the chocolate. Siniša, who said Cherry is his cherry, responded to the show Karim MarjadiHe has already shattered dreams.

Siniša Vasiljevič, reached the final of the fourth season of the showPhoto: POP TV

The judges who qualified for the semi-finals put an extra challenge. generous: “Can you make cherries in less time? Anyone who finishes early gets an advantage that they can take advantage of in the final.” Finalists will be able to convert the saved minutes into the final dessert. between: “There, believe me, you will need every extra minute of blood.” Luke focused on the challenge, more than fitness he cared about mental fitness. Harbor: “I’ll be able to calm my head down, be able to relax and do it as it should.” The liturgy was upbeat because sweets are her territory. She announced that she would do her best. Evita proceeded to cook at home, to enjoy herself and do her best to reach the finals.

Judges Bena Vulcic, Luka Jezercic and Karim MarjadiPhoto: POP TV

Masha says the best

The semi-finalists began to prepare. The judges decided that Luca was indeed the weakest link. He made a mistake in preparing the biscuit and did not correct it. The judges also noted that Masha coped with the foam very quickly. Evita said she really enjoys cooking and doesn’t fancy doing anything else in life. She explained that she did not know which faculty she would enroll in, but knew that she was very happy to cook. The decision to come to the MasterChef’s kitchen was, in her opinion, the best, because she received the assurance that she was good enough and that she could go far.

The block went very well.Photo: POP TV

Masha and Evita prepared calmly and focused while Luca was sweating. between: “I don’t know if we’ll have a watermelon or a cherry in the end.” But Evita also noticed lumps in the foam. The problem was in the different temperatures of the components. Since this portion of the candy was the largest and she wouldn’t forgive herself if there were lumps in it, I decided to try it again. Luka also had problems with the foam, but Masha was very good, and he was also much faster than his teammates.

Evita made a wise decision when she went to foam making again.Photo: POP TV

Luke said he simply had to follow his dreams, so he quit his job. Harbor: “I know I’m not going back to my work at home, but I want to make my own thing and do what makes me happiest.” He revealed that he has nine other siblings who support each other, bond with each other deeply and understand each other very well. While cooking, he was able to relax and focus on the challenge, after which he was overwhelmed with feelings with the idea of ​​making his dream come true.

Luca was the last to finish the cherry.Photo: POP TV

Masha and Evita ended up having trouble making the cane, and then the chocolate spaghetti. The semi-finalists then reached the final stage, the tournament. The contestants had issues with this, and they also had trouble preparing the chocolate stalk. The mass ended 16 minutes before the time was up, and the judges immediately noticed that the cherry was very bright. Eviti’s legs melted in her hands and broke, 10 minutes before the time was up, she just managed. Luca was the only one who still had to finish the dessert. He, too, had severe shin problems, so his hands began to tremble, which was an additional problem. Three minutes before the end, he only succeeded and a stone fell from his heart.

Reflection in taste

Masha has already found out that she is nowhere near the original dessert. The color of the cherry was pale, the shape was not beautiful, the stalk was broken. As Karim said, it would be better to work slower and more accurately. In addition, the mousse was not soft and beautiful, and the chocolate macaroons were not properly prepared. between: “During the challenge, I really believed in you because you did tremendously. But if you happen to wear a chef’s uniform after this dessert today, you’re going to have to sing it very tightly because it’s going to be hell in an epilogue.”

cherry machinePhoto: POP TV

Evita’s cherry was prettier, only the spaghetti nest was not rich enough, and the leg broke in front of the judges. In addition, egg whites were poorly mixed with foam, and the pulp was too liquid. The biscuit was fluffy, it was fluffy crunchy, and the mousse was still nice and fluffy. between: “If there’s anything that gets you to the finals today, it’s your decision to go and do it again. It was really good because that’s good.”

Cherry EvitaPhoto: POP TV

The onion stalk also flexes, and the spaghetti is very thick. The color was lovely, but the biscuit was pressed and stringy, and the pulp was very soft. However, it prepared the crunch well, the mousse was light, fluffy and tasty, and the wrappers were also a success. between: “If it’s your junior’s luck who will put on your chef’s uniform and get you to the finals, so be the junior’s luck. Only in the final will the junior’s luck go, but there’s only the knowledge.”

cherry onionPhoto: POP TV

Luca and Evita’s uniform, Masha failed

The semi-finalists had to leave the kitchen and then come back one by one to see if they could impress the judges. Luca was the first to find out that he qualified for the finals. Harbor: “I can’t understand at all.” When he put on his uniform, it seemed to him that he had become a different man. Harbor: “This is, in my opinion, a moment I will remember for a lifetime.”

Masha came in second, but found out that she would not go to the finals. She was grateful to two friends and gained trust. Mass: “I’m really proud of myself.” generous: “That’s right, you can be confident, you can also hold your head high. We’ve tasted a lot of your good food.” Her first thought was that she had failed the dessert, but given the full path she had taken, that wasn’t a defeat for her. Mass: “I’m a winner for myself.” She was proud of Evita and Luca who had given them success and given Evita even more victory. Luke, when he learns that his opponent is Evita: “It’s going to be an epilogue and a half, I think.”

Evita was on thorns, remembering all the flaws, as well as her perseverance and self-belief, which she had made so far. between: “Evita, it’s over. The fight for the finals is over and your fight is over…successful.” The contestant cried over this, but of course it was tears of joy and joy that she would be able to cook again. Bring her a uniform: “It’s the outfit I really wanted, and to be honest, I really deserved it.”

Before the end, Karim said to the finalists: “The extra minutes I gained today will be beneficial.” Evita: “I know that everything I have learned, all my effort, and all that I put into MasterChef will pay off in the finals. Even if I don’t win, I know that I will submit high quality boards and be very proud of ourselves.” Harbor: “I’m definitely afraid of Evita. For someone in their twenties to have that kind of culinary mindset, I think everyone should be afraid, and I know it’s going to be a very tough battle.”

The grand finale reached Evita and LucaPhoto: POP TV

Who will come out as a winner? Don’t miss the grand final MasterChef Slovenia Tomorrow at 8 PM on POP TV.


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