You’ve probably heard this urban legend before: If a piece of pizza remains from the day before, just throw it in the microwave, put a cup of water next to it, turn it on for a minute, and eat it.

number! This is the worst way to reheat pizza. Not only does the pizza change structure in the process and it becomes quite chewy, it also isn’t uniformly hot. If there was more stuffing, it would still be cool in the middle and hot around. Even a day old cheese does not restore its “wife” in this way.

so what? in the Oven? OK, but be sure to put the cold piece on a hot baking sheet, in a preheated oven. Otherwise, the above scenario will be repeated for you.

But if you’re a gourmet fan, we have the best way to reheat old-fashioned pizza!

Attention first! The next day’s pizza, unlike the goulash and some other stews, is no better. Cheese that sometimes sways like a bride’s dress in a freshly baked pizza will never be like this again. The dough will not be crunchy, and the tomato puree will be lost. But still, and this is proven, this method is the best way to restore some of the original qualities of this Italian masterpiece.

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This way, your old pizza will one day look like new. (Roughly. It will never be good.)

what do you need? Pizza, frying pan and stove.

  • Put a cold piece of pizza in a frying pan that should also be cold. Turn on a medium heat and cook for two minutes.
  • When the bottom of the pizza gets a little crunchy, pour a couple of drops of water into the pan (seriously, less than a teaspoon!), cover it immediately with a lid and reduce the heat to a minimum.
  • Leave for another minute, turn off the heat and remove the lid. In front of you is a piece of pizza, almost the same as the day before.

good luck!