Top 10 Recipes Without Flour (White)

The past two years can be described (to put it mildly) as extraordinary. In recent days, for example, we’ve been marveling at looted stores, some shelves looking the same as they did in the same period before the outbreak. Also this time, uncertain times await us, so many people are taking care of stock. The authorities assure that there is no need to fear hunger and shortages, and also reassure traders who claim that these are only logistical problems, because they are not able to replenish the stock so quickly. But let us reassure you in the following way: Even without flour (white), we can cook and bake a lot of good and healthy food.

Jamie Oliver’s Great Morning Waffles Recipe Without Flour

We start the work week as brief as it should be. With a refreshing and delicious breakfast according to Jamie Oliver’s recipe.

Classics with Urška Fartelj: buckwheat with walnuts

This will be interesting: how this famous chef deals with the famous recipe, which – surprise! – It works for the first time. Where to get stuck, and how to solve it. After Urška Fartelj admitted that she had never prepared buckwheat pancakes with walnuts, we were very determined to immediately correct this fact!

A simple chocolate roll without flour according to the recipe of the most famous housewife in the world

Time for a quick dessert according to the recipe of Martha Stewart, the most famous housewife in the world. With chocolate and whipped cream, mm!

Flat bread from a frying pan with medicinal vegetables

These young greens are usually fried with spices and prepared as a side dish that are sprinkled on dishes with lemon juice. Today, however, the recipe will be more tempting.

Sunday dessert: a quick no-flour chocolate cake with berries

A quick treat whose main advantage is that it melts in your mouth more than chocolate.

The must-try flourless pumpkin bread

Do you still insist on the New Year’s promises? Then this recipe will definitely come in handy.

Almonds – coconut cake

A simple dessert made with ingredients you definitely have in store.

Teff bread, the staple food of Ethiopian runners

Enrich the healthy menu even for those who do not suffer from celiac disease.

Yeast-free bread with nettles and feta

For nettle season.

Flourless Tropical Forest Cake

Are you looking for a flour-free cake recipe? We both cooked a great one.

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