Whooooo! Italian picopek revealed how you should really eat pizza – just for you

Italian chefs say this is the only right way to enjoy the most famous Italian dishes!

You know who and who I do not like it Pizza? Nor are we! But in all likelihood, you’ve been eating it your whole life.

The birthplace of pizza Naples The most beloved dishes in the world are eaten in a very interesting way. They put it together! genuinely.

As you know yourself, in restaurants you eat pizza with pots or cut it into triangles and take it in your hand.

It’s not otherwise with any of these methods Nothing is wrong at allbut the Italians swore foldable your pizza.

why? 🤔

So It tastes better All components tested as such perfect connection Between each other and pizza you get that really real taste.

Watch how you’ll enjoy pizza from now on:

Italian pizza master said:

”You have to fold the pizza to make ittriangle. To be able to do this, the pizza dough should be soft, not too thick, and not too crunchy. This is the rule that applies to eating Neapolitan pizza.”

Yum, what saliva is spilling on us! 🤤

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Images: Profimedia, GIPHY

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