You can also grill rustic pizza on the grill

In addition to the farm pizza recipe, find out about Mercator suppliers from Gorenjska

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Labor Day holiday and picnic season are approaching. On the grill, you can bake something other than čevapčiči, even pizza, which gets a nice crust on the grill, and the charcoal adds a nice aroma. We publish a recipe for Peasant Pizza or Bosmodyol with Boeing Minced Beef, made with ingredients from Mercator Tested by Tjaša Vede and Blush Mikulgan, author of the cooking blog At the same time, we introduce some Mercator suppliers from Gorenjska.

Let’s save the recipe until the end, let’s start with Mercator suppliers from Gorenjska. Also from there comes the Shkovja Luka Agricultural and Royal Forest Cooperative Mesnin Bohinja Luska Malecarna. Loka Cooperative cooperates with nearly 600 farmers from the Poljanska, Selška and Škofja Loka valleys, from whom it buys timber and agricultural products, mainly milk, cattle and sheep. “Mercator is our most important customer and the only retailer that is building the story of local suppliers of staples and homemade food. Other retailers promote locally grown foods, but they primarily sell multinational goods,” he says. Mitja Vodnovdirector of the Luka Cooperative.

Despite the crown, Loka’s co-op increased its revenue

Mercator sells their best traditional meats such as sausages and ground beef. They love to liven up the show with the latest trends like ground beef with chili. “If you don’t have something new, the same stories will always come up,” warns Vodnov.

With the crown, sales of meat products in retail chains fell by a fifth. Sales in packaged foods are down, and people are buying more ready-made deli meats and products for sale. “This is how we feel, too, we offer high-quality meat of the middle and upper class. We were not able to speed up sales with taste, so we adjusted the choice of meat,” explains Mitja Vodnov.

The Loka Co-operative has six grocery stores that gained fame with the crown. Visits increased as people avoided malls for fear of the virus. Small shops in the country as well as in the city seemed safer to them, and they still preferred to visit. For smaller stores, the crown brought good from evil. But time will tell whether they will survive the fierce competition from malls and discount stores,” explains Vodnov. Last year, the cooperative increased retail sales revenue by up to 30 percent, and its total sales revenue has also increased. This year They want a stable job and go on vacation in peace.

Large farmers brought in low purchase prices for livestock

Since the Loka co-op buys a lot of cattle and sheep, we were curious about how well they handle the meat, as breeders complain about low purchase prices, especially for livestock. “The buying price of the bulls is lower because of the big breeders who have been bragging about exporting the bulls all these years, but last year they couldn’t sell them to Italy or Austria because of the crown, so they offered them to local slaughterhouses at a low price. The whole market collapsed with the price drop and the existence of medium and small farms threatened Because of the principles, we did not buy cattle from large farmers. We lowered the purchase price a little, but we bought all the animals from partner farms and paid them in 30 days, so that the bull did not exceed the optimum slaughter weight, ”describes Mitja Vodnov, how the crown once again demonstrated the need for partnership And a solid chain.

Carniolan sausage is also found on Austrian dishes

Let’s also look at Lesce, where Mlinarič Butcher works. She is a long-term member of the Economic Interest Group Carniolan sausage GIZ. Carniolan sausage has been successfully exported to Austria for ten years or more, owner Joe Mlinarić So it’s up to the chef Urus Štefelin Gorenjska sausage made with tepka. “Mercator sells most homemade meat with a Gorenjska note, such as smoked Gorenjska lard, homemade sausage and lively sausages from locally raised beef,” says Joe Mlinarič.

Cattle are bought only from local farms, they also know everything and have not lowered prices like others. “We have livestock to buy on the reserved farms for more than half a year in advance, and we are building a long-term partnership with the breeders,” Mlinaric adds. Mercator is Mlinarič Butcher’s most important sales channel, which also sells Carniolan sausage to Austrians as a traditional meat of protected geographical origin.

Interest in Boeing cheese is growing

From Lesce we go to Bohinj, v Boeing cheese factories In the middle village. “The tradition of cheesemaking is long, dating back to 1870,” he says. “Boeing’s cheese factories have been owned by local farms since 2008, which donate milk to the cooperative that sells it to cheesemakers.” Primo SchwetickDirector of the Boeing cheese factories that cooperate well with Mercator all these years.

According to him, interest in Boeing cheese is growing despite the crisis. He looks forward to summer, when local and foreign guests visit Boeing, and the sale of Boeing cheese and fresh dairy products jumps. Hotels and full-fledged campgrounds also contribute to this, of course.

The accountant bakes cookies

From Bohinj we head towards Škofja Loka, where we find good things Mojca in the Holy Spirit. This is the brand name for the delicious homemade cookies she’s been baking since 2015 mojka lah. She loved cooking and baking since she was a child, but she worked in accounting and banking. She began to think about changing her profession and opened her own business after the praise of relatives and friends, whom she gifted holiday biscuits. In recent years, he also bakes for others, the offer is varied, there are eight boxes with three types of cookies.

He sells most of his Mojca delicacies at the Mercator, and some also in smaller private shops in Gorenjska and central Slovenia. In addition to biscuits, Mojca Lah also makes homemade noodles and will soon start selling biscuits filled with new cream.

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