Yourlittle Finger Can Tell alotAbout Your Personality Take a Look at Your Little Finger!

There are many different tests that can give us more insight into our personality.

Some are scientific studies, such as the famous Myers-Briggs test, while others are more subjective, such as astrology.

People have different beliefs about these tests, but I think we can all agree that it’s interesting to see your personality from a new perspective.

I’m always intrigued when I come across something new and different, like birthstone personality tests and variations on horoscope themes.

After all, it’s common wisdom that you can always learn something new about yourself, even if the test methods remain an inexplicable mystery.

The latest example is South Korea, which is making waves as the Internet’s hottest viral trend.

The subject of this test has its roots in ancient palmistry, but the basis of a person’s personality is determined by only one digit: the pinky finger.

The point is, even though it’s small, the shape and size of your pinky can say a lot about your personality as a whole, especially how you relate and interact with the world around you.

What do your pinkies reveal about you? Let us know in the comments below!

Type #1: Short
If your little finger doesn’t touch the top of your ring finger, you have a short pinky.

A short little finger can indicate several things. You can be shy and reserved, especially around strangers.

You have many big dreams, but you may be afraid to reach for them and pursue them.

Having said that, don’t worry – you have a big heart, a good heart, and you can achieve anything you want.

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